Friday, March 09, 2007

A brief flurry of snow - part the deux

A frosty Friday morning proved to be the start of a lovely day. Despite pistes suffering slightly from the poor snowfall to date we were able to enjoy some really challenging skiing at Grand Bornard thanks to R's unerring ability to identify areas of the mountain that few people had been crazy enough to try to ski on.
I am delighted to report that my punishing fitness regime has prepared me to totally run out of breath after about an hour and I enjoyed a lovely excursion beneath the pylons of a chairlift (nothing like an audience) where I spent considerably more time prone than upright and was able to practice my patented Darth Vader breathing routine in (apart from the taunts from above) splendid mountain solitude.
Apart from the pain it was a lovely days skiing.
Friday evening saw us dining in a delightful mountain restaurant Le Bercail (accessed by a pitch dark, suicidal, downhill bumboard run) and enjoying an unexpected heavy snowfall, which promised well for Saturday.


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