Sunday, March 11, 2007

Star Snow Wars, Episode IV Return of the Jedi Skis

Sunday morning bright and early, up and away. The Master navigator redeemed himself by simply repeating the instructions delivered by the Sat-nav which brought us to the French side of Geneva Airport in double-quick time. Sadly it chose to deliver us en-route into the larcenous clutches of the Swiss collectors of border taxes who were 'désolé' that they had to charge us 30 Euros for the privilege of accidentally driving on 5km of their confusingly signed roadworks. Luckily the delay didn't prevent us from arriving in time to retrieve my skis which had passed a restful holiday in the lost property 'Passenger irregularity office'.

Apart from a generous hour which BA provided parked on the tarmac at Heathrow, (well I expect the crew were tired after that 90 minute flight and needed a sit down) it was an uneventful return to the Barn and an emotional reunion with Mrs Stuffy and the sunday papers.
A tremendous couple of days and a huge thank you to Tricky (for his unerring sense of direction and other diverse entertainments) and to R&E for their delightful and generous hospitality, lovely home and splendid company.


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