Friday, December 28, 2007

The Pram Race - a very silly day indeed

Every year on Boxing Day a curious thing happens in our little village, bleary eyed and blinking in the watery winter sunshine, hundreds of brightly coloured creatures emerge from the shrubberies of the commuter belt and commence a light-hearted circuit of the village punctuated by a drink at each of our six hostelries, in many ways it's a pedestrian carnival procession, each team of "runners" (some do run, but truthfully not many) is based around a highly decorated trolley, cart or (as originally conceived 40 years ago) pram. It is (for those of us who spend all day in the pub) a very relaxing counterpoint to the excitement of Christmas at the barn. At the request of a nephew (heavily disguised as a banana) I captured some moments on video, click on the delightful picture ( <---- over there) for the youtube link.

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