Friday, March 28, 2008

It's that time of year again .............................................. Chocolaty eggness to everyone

We were egg-ceedingly lucky this year in that ChaCha joined us for the Easter festivities. Sadly it was a miserable weekend weather-wise so rather than secrete the cocoa-based bounty in various wet and windy locations I spent the Saturday evening creating a mix of pictorial and textual clues to make a treasure trail around the farm leading to a warm and dry stash of Mr Cadbury's finest creations.
Rhett was egg-cited and on fine form although a little frustrated that ChaCha often took several seconds to work out where they needed to look next. He was happy just shooting around in random directions like a tiny sweet-chasing dervish. The subsequent video (click on the picture) suffers from the mechanical malfunctioning of my camcorder, which having worked for about a year has presumably done all that Mr Sony could reasonably expect.
As a seasoned technology victim I (of course) ignored all the lessons I could have learned from this marvelous technological mayfly and leapt straight on the web to buy it's most recent descendant, which I'm sure will deliver many minutes of high-priced, high-tech fun before going the way of all it's predecessors and passing it's final days in the "doesn't work but was way too expensive to just throw away even though it's of no value whatsoever box".


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