Monday, January 18, 2010

Movie Review - Up in the air

I was a big fan of Juno, a quirky, unconventional film that tickled my funny bone and made me think, (not very much but enough to enjoy the novel sensation). Up in the air is an award winning offering from Juno director Jason Reitman, it was a 'must see' for me and Mrs Stuffy was easy to convince with the "well it's got George Clooney in it" argument.

It's an interesting and (for me) engaging movie, mixing some smart dialogue, great characterisation, gentle twists and turns of plot in an attractive but low impact story. I liked the subtle way that Clooney played his role, an intelligent (and surprisingly) sensitive man who'd made some major life choices and was very happy with the results of those choices. Inevitably throwing a couple of female spanners into his works raised (and presented in a very balanced way) real issues around relationships, responsibility and commitment. The way he deals with these issues is what brings the drama to the story.

Mrs Stuffy found it much less engaging than I and she chose to take a little power-nap mid-way, she pronounced it as belonging to the "Lost in translation" school of cinema, ie: it works for middle-aged, middle-class men who empathize with the challenges inherent in balancing "relationships" against independence and the cost of the compromises inevitable in such choices.

Well, I'm a fan, of the movie, of the skillful direction and subtle writing. I'm a big fan of the love(lust?) interest, Vera Farmiga, although I'm a little distressed to find she used a body double for the nude+necktie scene. She presented her character as an intriguing, fun, charismatic and sexy lady, what's not to like?

I'd recommend this as a fine film for those who occasionally enjoy a warm chuckle and a little thinking with their popcorn.

Haiku time ?

Pursuing miles not
chasing smiles brings little joy
to hollow solo


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