Thursday, December 24, 2009

Movie Review ...... Avatar in 3D

It has taken director James Cameron some 13 years to bring this much anticipated movie to the screen, it's involved the invention of new filming techniques, new cgi technologies and radically different blending of live and cgi animated characters. 13 years well spent in my opinion, it's hardly an original tale but it is nearly 3 hours of an immersive, engaging, entertaining adventure. Cameron makes some fairly obvious points, for those in doubt, war, corporate greed and exploitation of the natives are all bad things, being in tune with nature is pretty much a good thing. To be honest even those of us bought up with the Cowboys and Indians concept have learnt to avoid the trap of assuming that possession of the cap pistol confers automatic superiority so that's ok. Surely there are predictable and heavy messages but it's not preachy, it's by turns, sad, amusing, exciting but always a thing of immense visual beauty, those of my readership who can still recall Roger Dean's magical album covers for Yes with mountains and lakes suspended in mid-air will be delighted to see this realisation of those dreams and the walk through the bio-luminescent forest is a joy.

I loved it, I think it's probably less attractive to those without the sci-fi appreciation gene but I'd recommend anyone with a passion for cinema to make the effort to see it on a big screen, I'm still not convinced that 3D makes that much difference. There's an obvious plot problem which is dealt with cleverly and Cameron has made much of the way they've captured the real expressions of the live actors in the virtual characters, I think he's being modest, it works a treat, the big blue folk seem real, enjoy, I commend it to you.

An Avatar haiku...

Audience arrives
engage in bright blue lives,
storytelling thrives


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