Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beyonce at the O2 Arena

It's been a while since Lady Stuffy and I went to a concert featuring one of the current crop of popular beat combos or songsters, it's tough to identify performers who bridge our wildly divergent musical tastes, (from Barry White and Michael Jackson to Led Zep and Colin Hay). We agreed that Beyonce fit the spec, Mrs S liked her 'Destinys Child' stuff and adored the movie 'Dreamgirls', I however admire her magnificent bottom and the video for 'Single ladies'.

So off we hied to East London, the magical O2 Arena, (recommended by fellow blogger, passionate imbiber and knowledgeable gigger, Mark) It was an evening of contrast, the venue is amazing and seemed very well run, I'd forgottent that as an O2 subscriber I've got blueroom access but the normal catering seems fine.

The support acts were tedious, the audience was largely female, (good) and very high pitched, (not good). The less-than-thrilling support acts were followed by a 60 minute interval, which (with my legendary tolerance for hanging about) was not appreciated.

Eventually the lass herself finally deigned to step onto the boards in a stunningly lit and choreographed show.

There were a few clues that suggest that Mrs S and I are either a little rusty in the gig glands or may just be "so over it". No doubt that Beyonce has a great voice but the amplification or the acoustics of the dome made it, for me, a noise, without clarity, without personality.

The band looked fabulous and seemed very skilled but I couldn't really be sure because of the poor acoustics. Beyonce does have tons of energy and a great botttom which translated well to the massive screens, indeed the whole visual side of the show was really slick and imaginative.

To summarise, it was an experience but your aged correspondents left before the finale rather than face 20,000 squealing women trying to get on the tube.

I am Haiku fierce ???

Too many people
Too much noise, too long to wait
that's the bottom line


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