Sunday, September 05, 2010

Movie Review - The Expendables - better title, the Incomprehensibles

Well it's a nice idea, half a dozen 80's action heroes sending themselves up in a good-natured romp, but that's not what this is. You'd expect from the billing that Schwarzenegger and Willis might appear for more than a 3 minute chat in a church, you might expect Mickey Rourke to be involved in the movie rather than delivering his dialogue in the form of a mumbling soliloquy to a mirror. Realistically you're never going to expect Dolph Lundgren to act but it would have been nice if someone had told him what to do.

If you were a bit of a movie buff, you might hope that Sylvester Stallone who, many years ago wrote a good movie (Paradise Alley since you ask) would opt for the route of amusing send-up, when poor plot, unbelievable and interminable action scenes and very silly characterisation would actually add value, but most of the time he seems to be trying to play it straight, as if we're going to go along with it out of pity maybe?

There's a lot of shooting, much exploding, tons of fighting, of the relatively younger folk Jet Li is wasted in this supercharged mobility scooter of a vehicle although Jason Statham stood out playing pretty much the same character that he usually does.

As previously mentioned the only value Arnold and Bruce bring is to make the cast list both more impressive and very close to an offence under the trades descriptions act.

I really, really, wanted to like this movie, I found myself barely tolerating it.

What a shame

Geriatric Sly
Too Botox'd to move an eye
Fight and fly, but why?


At 9:07 pm, Blogger The Critical Thinker said...

Yeah totally. I didn't watch this movie cause I knew it wasn't gonna deliver. The idea is good, commercially I guess but to me, there's was just way too many people. I don't know anything about the original comic book its based on but it just seemed like they were trying to hard to get someone like me to see it.


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