Sunday, September 12, 2010

Movie Review - Scott Pilgrim versus the World

This is an odd one, Michael Cena (who seems to turn up in anything where there's a need for a dorky skinny lad) plays a bit of a teenage waster, a bassist in a wannabe rock band in a world which is a curious mix of snowy Canadian urban limbo, teenage rock fantasy, comic book and video game.

I understand that this is not a genre that will appeal to everyone and the reviews and opinions that I've heard have been pretty polarized. Again as is so often the case, there was a bit of a split in StuffyWorld. The blessed Mrs S took the "what was the point of that" position and the fifteen year old Charlie found it great fun.

The deciding vote then goes to the fifty+ year old, ageing rock-god with a penchant for comic book heroes and a passing familiarity with the computer game sub culture. Well, I found it an amusing diversion, not as full of laughs as one might hope but with a whimsical sense of humour that, as Mrs S pointedly pointed out, "you either get or you don't". (she didn't)

Best advice that I can offer is that if you are quite happy spending 2 hours in front of a computer screen and achieving little more than beating that tricky boss on level 19 you'll like it and if you're not that sort of person, you won't.
Interestingly for such a lightweight film I somehow found myself really caring about a happy ending for Scott and the love interest, a delightful Mary Elisabeth Winstead, so, a qualified win for the overgrown child that hides within the cynical and embittered film critic,

A haiku v the world

Comic book antics
In computer game story
Winsome and wins some


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