Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tropical, topical paradoxical, paradisaical

A few years ago, Mrs S and I talked ourselves into taking a holiday that we couldn't really afford on Kuramathi Island in the Maldives, ("the Maldives ?, it's a group of atoll-based islands in the Indian ocean, the Indian ocean ? a big lump of sea near India, India? yes, that's right, where the curry comes from" for anyone who's been educated more recently than 30 years ago).

To our surprise, we didn't regret it for a moment and this year, caught out by a combination of accumulated Air miles and a companion ticket with a shelf life of 'October' we were prompted to jet off once more to the other side of the globe, this time to Komandoo Island for a week of lazing around reading books (for Mrs Stuffy) and jumping off boats and scaring the life out of thousands of beautiful fish (Me)

Beach holidays are rarely my thing, I get restless very quickly but there's something about the Maldives that makes it work for me, I've found the staff, a mix of Maldivian, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi folk to be, (despite recent quite amusing tourist-baiting reports), without exception, lovely.

The dive school was exceptionally good, the food, on this island was very, very good and unusually for me, and despite my best intentions, I found myself being sociable, meeting interesting folk and quite enjoying the experience.

There's a little touch of the unreal about these jewels scattered in an azure sea, and if you grew up watching Robinson Crusoe in black and white and you're the sort of person who enjoys feeling spoilt rotten occasionally (and who isn't ?) it should be very high on your to-do list.

There was one tiny cause for grumpiness and it's directly related to the lack of stunning underwater photography accompanying this missive. Whilst snorkeling around the beautiful house reef with her ladyship I was treated to the shocking sight of the "waterproof to 40m" case of my dive camera gradually filling with seawater, apparently not an ideal environment for the delicate electronics within.

Once home I, naturally, took the camera apart to repair it.

The replacement should arrive shortly.

I'm told by the insurance company that there's no recompense as "the item was being used as it should be" and further informed by the dive-camera folk that a single hair or grain of sand can (and obviously did) break the seal. Great news for those of us who need reading glasses to count on our fingers!

So, to summarise, here's a link to Komandoo Island where we stayed, if you get the chance, sell some family silver, go there.


At 9:43 pm, Anonymous Tricky Dicky said...

So your telling us all to go Komandoo..nice

At 12:50 pm, Blogger IzinSing said...

A haiku is most definitely called for:
Koomandoo island -
a paradise, not atoll
for the hoi polloi?

At 2:05 pm, Blogger Stuffy said...

You gotta love a punster doncha,
I'm limiting the Haikus to movie reviews simply because they're so hard to do and I have to have a little lie down after each one.

to be honest there were some polloi there but I treated them with studied circumvention, Although Mrs S describes it as my "toe-curlingly embarrassing ignoring routine"


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