Sunday, November 21, 2010

Catch up Movie reviews - Despicable me and The Social Network

Firstly my apologies for the delay, as you'll know if you've seen this it has been a little stressful here at the Barn and I'd forgotten these two brief reviews were sitting on my iPad so here's a little weekend catch up ... normalish service will be resumed toot sweet.
Movie review - Despicable me

Cha cha was eagerly anticipating this film, which we both found, predictably, to be well made and mildly amusing, sadly,as is far too often the case, all the best gags were in the trailer, this is a highly formulaic animated tale with no surprises, it's classic half-term fodder.

It does make small kids laugh, I know this because I heard them, it will make world-weary adults and teenagers smile a little , I know this because we did, a few times.

A despicable haiku

no surprises but
no disappointments either,
Just fun (and fart gun)

Movie review The social Network

The fragrant Mrs Stuffy booked this movie because she thought I'd like it, I was unsure, couldn't really see how the subject, the creation of Facebook could make an entertaining film.

I know the story which helped, I'd heard a serialization of the story on Radio 4 recently and I'm a big fan of Aaron Sorkin, the creator of The West Wing and a superb purveyor of fast witty sharp intelligent dialogue.
There is plenty of such stuff in this film, in fact there's little else but if you liked the West Wing and you understand what Facebook is you'll really enjoy this film.
If neither of these apply, you will, like Mrs Stuffy, be catching up on some nap time.

Witty bitty tale
Start, start up, legal carve up
Better to win? or lose friends ?

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