Friday, March 23, 2007

A little (micro) light relief

I was invited, a little while ago, to have a play in a microlight by Andy (known in the trade as "blimey that's good, who designed it? Andy?"). I'd hoped that he'd forgottten his generous offer but, just my luck, the sun shone and the phone rang.
Naturally I was a little nervous, the last time I looked microlights were about as confidence inspiring a form of transport as a broomstick, however, as with most things they've got better and the wee beastie which we took to the air in was more like a 2 seat Cessna than the heartstopping lawn mower and hang-glider combo of my youth.

I've attached a very brief video of the experience, (very brief, tell me Mr Sony, what is the point of a 2 hour film and a twenty minute battery?).
Please don't be put off by the sight of Andy winding up the big elastic band that powers the machine, apparently they seldom break. It was a lot of fun and I'd heartily recommend it as a great way to get a very different perspective on our green and pleasant land. A real treat, thank you Andy


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