Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another 3D experience - Movie Review - Ice Age 3

I was dragged kicking and screaming into the first Ice Age movie, I was still kicking and screaming when I left but only because I wanted to watch it all over again.
The second of the series was also delightful, larded with quite subtle and sophisticated humour to keep the elderly entertained. I'm delighted to report that Ice Age 3 has broken little new ground, doing pretty much what the predecessors did and doing it very well.

The graphics delight, the characterisation is consistent and engaging, the writing sharp and the jokes, visual and verbal are a treasure trove for reference spotters and movie buffs. It's a great film for little ones (we took three, ranging from tiny to middling) and a very good film for big ones.

One thing troubles me, (actually, many things trouble me but I'll spare you the details) Anyway, in the context of this movie one thing troubles me, I was pretty impressed by the strides the 3D technology had taken when I looked through the specs a year ago but I've since enjoyed Bolt, Coraline and this offering through the magic lenses and I'm by no means convinced that those three very good movies were much enhanced by the 3D aspect. We'll see if "Up", (which has a great trailer) can convince me.

An antediluvian haiku

Engaging and fun
dinosaurs versus mammals
the film makers won


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