Monday, July 06, 2009

Movie Review - Public Enemies ...

Here's the thing, Mrs Stuffy thinks that Johnny Depp walks on water and I admire the virtuosity of director Michael Mann so you'd think that we'd be on a surefire winner toddling along to the megaplex to watch this romanticised version of the pursuit and termination of John Dillinger, (sorry if that spoils it for anyone expecting a happy ending).

I'd read that it was shot using hand-held cameras and digital (rather than film) high definition and every shaky but beautifully multi-faceted snowflake, the individual pores of the skin of the cast, every beautifully captured colour of hat, sheen of rain on sleek shiny coachwork, all speak volumes for the technical skills and the technology involved.

The acting is beyond reproach, I rate Johnny Depp, I think Christian Bale is good at the acting thing, Mlle Cotillard is super but here's the problem. It's dull, really dull, tedious, confusing, poorly structured and I didn't really care what happened to anyone (even though it was always very obvious what was going to happen next). Dull, dull, dull, not quite dull enough to send Mrs S off to Slumberland but it was a very close run thing.

Hard to come up with a haiku without using the word dull but here goes...

Technically hot but
lukewarm Bonny and Clyde tale
thug and moll, sadly fail


At 8:17 pm, Anonymous Steve Tyler said...

Subject: Movie Review

I tried to post a comment to your blog post about the Public Enemies movie. For some reason, I was unable to enter the captcha in order to submit the post (am using a mac).

So here it is:

I liked the way they shot the film. I think the issue with it is the way they demonstrated a lack of commitment to which aspect of the story they wanted to tell. Was it about the romance and inability to have a relationship? Was it about the dying breed of bank robber? Was it about the relationship between cronies? Was it about the Hoover and the FBI?

Who knows, they seemed to touch a little on all of them and explore none of them.

At 3:40 pm, Blogger IzinSing said...

I'm with Mrs S on Johnny Depp. Woo Woo!


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