Friday, July 31, 2009

I should be so clucky, clucky, clucky, clucky.

I've been reminded by my legions of fans that I've not updated those of you with a penchant for poultry about the tragic demise of one of our flock.
Only joking, they're all fine but I know how journalism works, nobody wants to read about everything going well.

So, having alienated my audience here's the scoop. You will recall, Oh best beloveds, how the latest recruit to the Oak Wood Eggery, the ill-named Chocolate Thunder was taken into the flock following the tragic slaughter of her coop-mates. She was initially very henpecked and lost a big chunk of thin feathers on the back of the neck, (very exposed when feeding) however as time passed, Choclit (abbreviated from her original pedigree nomenclature) has recovered both confidence and plumage and gradually worked her way up to nearly equal footing with Dolly the other ginger nut in our little peckery.

This has, naturally, resulted in a reversion to subordinate roles for Cassie (dense black chicken) and Jessie (very stupid white chicken) but since the level of inter-avian violence has diminished overall they seem to be taking it in good stead.

An average day now generates little aggression, either 3 or 4 eggs and loads of poo. The new girl does have a penchant for stretching her legs and led the girls jogging off through the wood the other day during exercise, (the warders were apparently distracted by a staged stabbing in the showers). The plucky escapees were eventually discovered in the stables where they'd cornered 3 horses and an Alektorophobiac groom.

Further feathery fun is sure to follow ...



At 9:00 am, Anonymous Tricky Dicky said...

And speaking from first hand eggsperience, the eggs from the flock are, well eggcellent and make possibly the best poached eggs on toast I'd ever had ...cheers matey :)

At 10:54 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

a flock of hens????

At 11:36 am, Blogger Stuffy said...

, isn't it? is it a covey, a gaggle ?


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