Saturday, September 05, 2009

Celebration, Jubilation, Photos and fun...

Sophie and her cousin Charlie celebrated their joint 21st with a party at the end of August, along with a couple of hundred of their friends, exceptionally stunning young ladies and far too skinny young men with silly hair.
I did my verybest to make Sophie and Mrs Stuffy proud and blend in by wearing my slimmingest suit and a frankly inappropriate amount of hair gel.

It was a fun evening and I observed that the attendees fell mostly into one of three groups:-

  1. Young, comfortable with immense noise , inside with the disco. "I've a theory that the increasing tendency of the young to communicate through thumbs and text may be an evolutionary response to DJ -induced deafness"
  2. Older, incompatible with 120decibels, outside in the marquee.
  3. "I'm having a fag"mostly young, fit-looking lads and lasses along with occasional examples of "this is what you'll look like if you don't stop soon", out in the "fresh air".

Best find of the night was the 'Groovy photo booth' This is the rent-able digital offspring of the old Photo-me and a compulsive draw to all as can be seen by from the little collation available by clicking on the image.

Mrs Stuffy has oft observed that at most social functions I (as a classic introvert) tend to stand around behind her looking cross, this time however I was much more "he's in the queue for the photo booth again, with yet more glamorous assistants!"

and why not ?


At 3:37 pm, Blogger IzinSing said...

Why not indeed


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