Friday, October 09, 2009

Medical update ........................ there's more dirty work afoot

So after two weeks of crutch-work, limping, cursing and hobbling I was summoned to see the surgeon for an extended session of tutting and sharp in-taking of breath. "Did you get the wound wet at all?" he asked. Gentle reader here's the rub,I'd not had a bath for about 3 years, I'm a two-shower-a-day-man and after ten days of occasionally lying in a bath with an outrigger foot I'd got to the end of my tether, so, the cunning application of two layers of plastic carrier bag and prodigious amounts of duct tape (not sure why you ladies spend so much on Veet when duct tape is so cheap by the way) and I was able to take my first proper shower.

I stepped out, scrubbed, refreshed, smelling pleasantly of tea-tree, spearmint and lime and with about two litres of water trapped in the bags around my "never,ever get this wet" dressing.

Anyway sent off with a flea in my ear (apparently some form of homeopathy) and a course of antibiotics.

It's now Friday the 9th, nearly a month into my 2 week recuperation period and I'm hoping to be signed off on Wednesday next to start taking exercise again, I've never enjoyed exercise but I certainly miss it when I can't do it.

Here's hopping, sorry, hoping.


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