Monday, October 12, 2009

Movie review - UP - finally, a kids movie for grumpy old men

I was looking forward to this latest Disney/Pixar animated tale and I'm delighted to say my anticipation was justified. It's quite usual these days for such movies to aim at multiple levels, knockabout fun and games for the kids and grown-up story elements, in-jokes and adult references for mum and dad.

I wasn't surprised to hear young voices expressing confusion around the cinema in the first 20 minutes, a beautifully structured account of the lives, love, joys and disappointments of our protagonist Carl and his departed love, Ellie. It's not the first time I've been moved by an animated film, (Wall-E was beautiful in parts and there's a scene in Cars, no, don't get me started, damn, I'm welling up just writing this...) .... anyway ... this was a very lovely piece of cinema.

The film moves back into junior territory as the balloons burst from the chimney and there is real beauty as the house takes to the sky and the tale unfolds, great human and animal characters (the dogs as house staff were very neatly done), it's a continual visual joy and despite the more frantic pace of the latter stages enough senior moments to keep mum and dad as involved as the young 'uns. I was particularly amused by the fight between the two old men punctuated by moments of simultaneous arthritic paralysis.

It's not just a very fine animated film, It's a very fine film, clever, moving and beautiful. If you can find a handy kid, grab them and go see it, if you can't find a kid, go anyway, you'll love it.

The Haiku was hard

multi coloured tale
gleeful and thoughtful, truly

a moving picture


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