Monday, February 22, 2010

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind ...

You may be aware (it was in all the papers) that
last year I foolishly talked myself into doing the London to Brighton Bike Ride in aid of the British Heart Foundation, sacrificing:-

  • quite a large chunk of Fathers Day,
  • several pints of manly perspiration and
  • most of my remaining self-esteem...

... as the chortling villagers of Southern England giggled and pointed at the portly gent wrapped in brightly coloured lycra swearing his way up gentle inclines.

So I thought I’d do it again,

If you’d like to help me make it worthwhile, follow the link below

and commit a few pennies to a worthwhile cause, I’d appreciate it and so would those who’ll benefit from your kindness and my saddle rash.

Thanks in anticipation


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