Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Movie Review - Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland,

I have, for many, many years been a fan of Lewis Carroll, as a kid I was captivated by the books, the madness of the tales, the intricate beauty of Tenniel's drawings, I found the Disney film just about acceptable (unlike the Jungle Book which I loathed, as a well read and pedantic 11 year old I felt it was a travesty of Kipling's fine work).

I'm also a bit of a Tim Burton aficionado so I found myself forced to brutally browbeat Mrs Stuffy into a visit to the magical multi-dimensional electric picture house to see how well Tim had put his vision of the reverend Dodgson's acid trip onto the silver screen.

As is often the case in the House of Stuffy, opinion on this movie was divided, there was quite a lot of snoozing on the distaff side but I loved the tale. I enjoyed playing 'spot the voice', I was desperately sorry for Johnny Depp as the bipolar hatter and delighted by Helena Bonham-Carter who channeled the spirit of Miranda Richardson's Queenie in Blackadder and stole the show.

Wonderland, is a world ideal for CGI and I loved the way that it was portrayed, the 3D worked a treat and I found myself involuntarily avoiding a spear thrust and fighting the urge to reach out and touch a butterfly, 'tis a delightful, beautiful, painful and poignant wonderland and I commend it to you , my gentle reader.

a Hatterish Haiku

I'm rarely so certain
that i've gone for a Burton
poor Johnny is hurtin'


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